life as origin as belonging


created during isolation, thanks to Kunstverein Pina for letting me use their space



Sara Röth & Julius Pristauz, photographed by Marie Haefner with a sculpture by Maud van der Linden, part of Unreality - Transmediale Kunst @ Fluc, Vienna

queens of god complex


solo exhibition + performance @ Wiener Art Foundation, Vienna
with cont­ri­bu­ti­ons by: Ka­tha­ri­na Trieb, Ka­ro­lin Bräg­ger, Sara Röth, Lea Dip­pold, Lisa Jä­ger & Phil­ipp Zöh­rer - fashion by Anna Skvortsova

pink clock (2x12)


"Work Together Stay Alive", group show curated by Tzvetnik (Natalya Serkova & Vitaly Bezpalov) @ EXILE Vienna

happy fresh skin detox


group show, curated by Casantillon @ Casa Banchel, Madrid

drying my lashes listening to lullabies


performance and music together with Robert Kainzmayer at Ephemeros, Venster99, Vienna

border control


"Cafe Bar Narziss"group show, Transmediale Kunst, Vienna

clock (9to5)


"Cafe Bar Narziss"group show, Transmediale Kunst, Vienna

singer songwriter seamstress


performance @ Grazer Kunstverein, Graz, Austria

raggedy honey


performance with Pina in the exhibition "On the New" @ Belvedere21, Vienna - fashion by Anna Skvortsova, photos: Marie Haefner



"humid intimacy" group show curated by Hotdock Space & Zlatka Boruvkova @
A.M.180 gallery, Prague

dog days and giant hands


solo, teeküche in der angewandten